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(Updated 08 November, 2008)

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Alexander the Great – Excellent illustrated history by John Popovic

Amarna letters online to the public  The famous 14th-century B.C.E archive is viewable in high-resolution detail for scholars and public alike.

Amarna project  - Information on the Amarna excavations, will add update shortly.

Ancient Egypt & World Prehistory – A great introduction to the concept of archaeology

Ancient Egyptian Society of Western Australia – TESSA’s sister society ‘down under’!

Ancient Studies Blog Stellenbosch -  Very interesting & entertaining Stellenbosch University blog with information about animal mummies.

Aeraweb – Very good site: Dr Lehner directs the Giza Plateau mapping project.

Archaeology Magazine – Lively and happening US site, anything but dry

Astronomical Alignments in Karnak Temple   -    Interesting and thought provoking article by David Furlong

Bibliotheca Alexandrina  - Egyptian site – The new library at Alexandria, Egyptology section

British Museum – Explore the Ancient Egypt page…………..very good!

Computer Aided Egyptological research – Including a virtual expo

Dictionary of ancient Egypt – What all the words mean etc.

EES – A link to the Egypt Exploration Society, TESSA is a member and regularly receives EES magazines and bulletins; these  can be borrowed from the TESSA library, please speak to Colleen about these!


Egyptian Gazette – All about Cairo, past and present

Egypt Information Highway – Egyptian government information portal

Egypt News & Gossip – Nigel Strudwick combs the media for you – current news digest

Egypt State Information Office – Gateway to Egypt – Egypt State Information Service

Egypt Today Travel – Great packages with a great personal guide

Egypt Voyager – A superb general site

Emhotep - A truly amazing site, filled with information of all sorts – there is a list of Egyptology sites on face book and TESSA name is there! Thank you David Payne!

Excavations at Edfu – Read all about the current excavations and finds at Edfu

Excavation Projects Delta and Sinai – Survey and Excavation projects, current fieldwork reports

Film Site – All the movies featuring ancient Egypt.

Giza Plateau Mapping Project -       Information on the work  of Dr Mark Lehner and his international team on the Giza Plateau.

Graffiti on Nubian monuments – A testimony of the early travellers in Egypt and the Sudan

Great Pyramid – Rudolf Gantenbrink – A scientific report about the ‘air shafts’ inside the Cheops pyramid

Griffith Institute – This institute houses an incredible collection that will be of great interest to all members; there are archives housing documents, 19th century photos, paintings by Howard Carter, as well as and portraits & handwriting of Egyptologists.

Guardians Egypt – Surf the ancient world with an enthusiast.

Hieroglyphs in Australia – Seeing is believing.

Joan Lansberry - Joan Lansberry’s page has the most wonderful photos of AE artefacts, taken at various museums mostly in the US.  Very well worth a long visit!

Louvre Museum, Paris – One of the greatest collections outside Egypt, wonderful artefacts on display!

Karnak Temple  -   A great site, allows you to ‘virtually visit’  any part of this wonderful temple – lovely!

KMT Modern Journal of Egyptology – the journal is issued quarterly; well known Egyptologists contribute the articles which are accompanied by copious coloured illustrations. Expensive but worth it!

Manchester Ancient Egyptian Society – Another sister society!

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City -   Incredible site – magnificent collections of all kinds, the Egypt galleries feature genuine ancient Egyptian temples;  taken apart stone by stone in Egypt and put back together again in these galleries!

Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret  -  website of Drs Joann Fletcher & Stephen Buckley – contains some clips and still in early stages of development; keep an eye on this site, its sure to develop into a site of great interest. Fabulous site that allows you to ‘virtually enter’ some tombs, including the closed tomb of Nefertari

Photographs of Egypt

Photographs of Egyptian Monuments

Society for Underwater Discovery – Alexandria harbour, ancient shipwrecks and more

Sussex Egyptology Society -  one of our fellow Egyptological societies; they have a link with us via our 2 facebook pages.

Tel Edfu blog - Read about the latest discoveries at the Edfu excavations.

Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society – and another one!

The Rosetta Stone -Bringing the Rosetta Stone back to Egypt

Theban Mapping Project - Detailed coverage – Valley of the Kings

Tutankhamun site with images – Fan site with kids’ section

University of Chicago – Oriental Institute – The research archives

University of Stellenbosch – Department Ancient Studies

Valley of the Kings Foundation – The website of archaeologist Nicholas Reeves

Waseda University – Egyptian Culture Center – Japanese academics – activities, reports, excavations

World Art Treasures – The antiquities collection of JE Berger, Switzerland

Zahi Hawass Web Page – Web page belonging to the former Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt