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Revisiting the Amarna Royals – Part 1 – by Dr Joann Fletcher »

Revisiting the Amarna Royals Part 1

Arsinoe II Philadelphos – a female Pharaoh? By Dr Maria Nilsson »

Arsinoe II Philadelphos – a female Pharaoh?

Geology of Egypt by Dr Colin Reader »

Geology of Egypt

Observations on the topic of mummification in Ancient Egypt – by Anthony Holmes »

Observations on the topic of mummification in ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt and Africa by Dr Toby Wilkinson »

By Toby Wilkinson Ancient Egypt’s links with the eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia are well known and much studied, but its connections with the continent of Africa are more obscure. The Nile Valley’s geographical ties to Africa are obvious: and culturally, ancient Egypt owed much to its North African roots. Indeed, anthropologists of the early [...]

The Valley of the Golden Mummies by Dr Zahi Hawass »

Discovering the Valley of the Golden Mummies By Dr. Zahi Hawass The discovery of more than one hundred Greaco-Roman mummies in Bahariya Oasis has swept the media worldwide with a force not seen since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. The Valley of the Golden Mummies at Bahariya Oasis is the final resting-place for what is [...]

Ptolemy I Soter by Dr Robert S Bianchi »

Ptolemy I Soter PTOLEMY I SOTER (367/6 – 282 BC)   I find the career of the eponymous founder of the dynasty which bears his name an extremely interesting personality, particularly when viewed through the lens of ancient Egypt. There a tradition maintains that Ptolemy was a son of Philip born to one of his [...]

Black Kings on Pharaohs Throne – by Jill Kamil »

By JILL KAMIL EGYPTOLOGY is constantly enriched as new evidence comes to light, and every discovery provides food for thought One of the most important finds of recent years has been a cache of statues found in 2003 by the University of Geneva’s archaeological mission in the ditch of a temple compound at ancient Kerma [...]

A Pectoral of Tutankhamun with Lunar & Solar Emblems – by Professor Earl L Ertman »

  Earl L. Ertman Several writers have discussed the jewelry found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun 1 as well as the pectoral under review that was found in a chest in the tomb’s Treasury. Among the treasures from this tomb are a variety of rings and pectorals. One of the many beautiful pectoral examples [...]

Ruler of the Stars – by Marianne Luban »

   By Marianne Luban  When Thutmose III, finally freed of the shadow of his aunt in the 22nd year of his unusual reign, decided to march east on his first Levantine campaign, there were some things to take into consideration.  According to the annals of the pharaoh, there were 330 princes rebellious toward the Egyptian [...]