Report on the 2013 TESSA Day School

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Anthony Humphreys

The traditional TESSA Annual Day School was held on Saturday 27 July at Kelvin Grove Club, Newlands.   This year’s theme was “Female Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt” and the 3 lecturers were - Keith Grenville “Hatchepsut – Betrayal or a Royal Cover-up?”

Jean Smith “Tausret – The Unknown Pharaoh.”

Professor Anthony Humphreys “Arsinoe II – A Valid Pharaoh?”
Warmest thanks are due to all who contributed to the success of the day.  Particular thanks to Marie-Louise Botes for the beautiful raffle first prize which was a large cake with the face of Nefertiti on it – far too good to cut!  Thanks are also due to Andre Bakkes of the Tygerburger Community Paper who not only gave the Day especial advance advertising but also placed a follow-up report on the paper’s website on 30 July, together with a short video showing some of the highlights of the events – including the Buffet Lunch! Thank you Andre!


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